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Cooking : Feeding A Non Vegan

Cooking : Feeding A Non Vegan

A Little History

So I want to say, I’ve been vegan for about 4 months now. Yay to me! One of the hardest things I discovered was cooking for my family. My youngest is 1 and he is being raised as a vegan, but my oldest son is a different story. He loves eggs, cheese, meat, and pretty much anything under the sun. It’s hard. I spoke to him about becoming a vegan.  He understands about animal suffering but doesn’t want to give up his meat. As a parent, I allow my son to make his own decisions. I don’t want to force any type of lifestyle change on him, but enough is enough. I told him “This is the last time I’m buying eggs just because you want to eat them.

The Reckoning

Since I do the cooking in this house, I feel I have the right to say, ‘Hey you either eat it or starve.’ Up to you.“ What ever happens outside of the house is on him, but I had to take a stand. I just couldn’t do it anymore! Now, my son says “Mom, can I have a tofu sandwich?” LOL. I’m like “Yes, yes you can” LMAO. I felt accomplished LOL.  My children have been adjusting well to their vegan lifestyle.  The only issue I have is finding inspiration.  I would hate to constantly cook the same things over and over again.  We eat a lot of tofu and Beyond Meat.  This was expected.  He wants to eat the same kinds of meals I made before, which makes sense because it makes the transition easier.  Don’t get me wrong, the meals taste amazing, but I need to focus on incorporating more whole foods.  We all know meat alternatives can be highly processed.

He’s Still Not A Vegan LOL

We made progress, but I wouldn’t call Bash a vegan.  He definitely takes more of an active role when we buy groceries.  I allowed him to make his own list of things he likes.  He hates cabbage lol, but loves broccoli.  Allowing him to pick his foods is helping us eat better as a family.  We are trying to have a fruit and veggie night.  That will be fun! Everything takes time, and I will never push something on my child.  Its up to him to decide for himself if he wants to be vegan or not.  One thing I can say; going through this with him has forced me to find that inspiration I was lacking.  I am slightly more creative than before.


Whats Cooking?


How is it cooking for your family? Are there any vegans cooking for non vegans? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Cooking : Feeding A Non Vegan”

  • Hi Paige and congratulations on your first 3 months. I have a vegan baby too (well 16 months now already!) and two older vegetarian kids. Like you, I believe it’s up to them whether they decide in the future that veganism is for them. Everything hubby (also vegan) and I cook is vegan and the older two do add cheese to their meals. My 16 year old is probably 85% vegan and wants to transition when she starts college. I think the stuff they do with non-vegan friends puts them off eg kids parties, going out for pizza or cake etc.

    • Hey Sharon!

      Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I feel the exact same way. They’re their own people and it’s important for them to choose. It’s also the same with my son. He loves to hang with friends and walk to school eating a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll. Huge thing here in the Bronx. I see it as this; as long as we stay true to ourselves and our beliefs while continuing to guide our children; we can’t go wrong.

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